Site Operations & Maintenance

Site Operations & Maintenance

Proactively maintaining 100% trainer availability.

Nakuuruq understands that logistics, maintenance and site support must begin early—before the trainer is built. That’s why we work with our customers at the pre-procurement phase, helping determine what parts are required, where will they be located and what facility and support services are necessary. We examine each element of the design to ensure specifications have been met. Nakuuruq then provides accurate comprehensive site operations management and all labor, materials, equipment, tools and test equipment necessary to maintain our customers’ training systems, subsystems, and associated support equipment at 100% safety, suitability and effectiveness levels.

  • Lifecycle Site Operations & Maintenance Support
  • Baseline Testing
  • Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Troubleshoot/Corrective Maintenance
  • Parts/Spares Management
  • Assets & Inventory Management
  • Base Operational Instruction

The Nakuuruq difference is our proactive approach to QUALITY & SERVICE.

Nakuuruq has completed two modifications of the C-5MATS trainer. After a Critical
Design Reviews (CDR), a Time Compliance Technical Order (TCTO) was released that
affected our way forward. Nakuuruq incorporated the TCTO into the current ongoing
mod at no cost to the government. This enabled the trainer to be in configuration
with the aircraft at the end of the modification. – C-5 MATS contract CPARS

Our teams perform alignments, isolate faults, and conduct all trainer repairs as part of our ongoing maintenance responsibilities. Extensive maintenance records are kept, and are evaluated to assess the availability, maintainability and supportability of the training devices. We proactively produce, test, and implement required modifications to the software baselines across multiple customer sites and obtain all information necessary to maintain the trainers at 100% availability. We manage, maintain, recommend and replenish trainer unique spares and support equipment throughout the life of the contract. Nakuuruq provides experienced Site Managers at each training device site. And the number of site personnel is always maintained at the level necessary for maximum system availability, and to be in compliance with all applicable safety and environmental requirements.