Centralized Engineering & Configuration Management

Centralized Engineering & Configuration Management

System lifecycle affordability without compromise.

Reduced budgets and more stringent oversight across the entire Acquisition Lifecycle make today’s trainer and simulator environment more demanding than ever. All military branches are seeking ways to reduce system development costs and shorten acquisition procurement times. Contractors must respond with aggressive measures that ensure interoperability and compatibility with new architectures and applications, greater IP ownership, flexibility and assured reusability at every opportunity, point, and stage of an acquisition program’s life cycle. These core components of Nakuuruq’s Centralized Engineering and Configuration Management teams in coordination with our customers help shape ever more realistic simulated training systems and simulated training environments for tomorrow’s warfighter. And the result is measurably superior benefits in training effectiveness, safety and cost control for each of our customers.

With Nakuuruq, the customer retains ownership of all intellectual property

  • Comprehensive Acquisition Lifecycle Support
  • Hardware, Software, Electrical, Systems Engineering
  • System Design & Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Modification & Concurrency Engineering
  • Maintain Trainer Unique Stocks & Government Furnished Property (GFP)
  • Engineering Drawing, Data & Source Code Management
  • Preliminary & Critical Design Reviews
  • Contractor/Government

Reduced risk, lower costs and long term program stability.

At Nakuuruq,
our employees are “Mission-First” focused.

Nakuuruq supports each of its customers with complete management of trainer platforms, full spectrum engineering and comprehensive configuration management capabilities. Specific services integrated into our program management include requirements analysis, system design, development, integration and test, deployment and modification/ concurrency engineering. But, a key Nakuuruq differentiator is our relentless pursuit—in close collaboration with each of our customer—of system affordability, sustainability and reusability at each phase of the Acquisition Lifecycle.

All intellectual property is owned by Nakuuruq’s customers. We continually assess the capabilities of existing resources against all new requirements for possible reuse. Our engineering tradeoff analyses rigorously seek optimum performance/ affordability solutions. We relentlessly follow commercial best practice models and ISO 9001:2015 compliance for accelerated implementations. And, we work at any location convenient to our customers—anywhere in the world. The result: reduced risk, lower lifecycle costs and long term program stability for every Nakuuruq customer.