Trainers and Simulators

Trainers and Simulators

100% Concurrent Trainer Availability

  • Acquisition Lifecycle Support
  • Engineering & Configuration Management
    • Concurrency
    • Multiple Baselines
    • Configuration Management
    • Distributes Mission Operations (DMO)
  • Site Operations & Maintenance
    • Contractor Logistics Support
    • Training Support Systems Center (TSSC) stand up at multiple sites
  • System Design & Development
    • Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM)
    • Verification & Validation
    • Facilities
    • Space Constraints
    • System Safety
  • Systems Integration
    • Baseline Integration
    • Software/Firmware support
    • Hardware Integration
    • Operational Flight Program (OFP)
  • Manufacturing Support
    • Best-of-Breed Strategic Partners
    • Sustainability
      • Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMS/MS)
      • Obsolescence Management
      • Lifecycle Management of All Assets
    • Security
      • Cyber Security Support
      • Supply Chain Risk Management
      • Certification & Accreditation (C&A)
    • Courseware & Instruction
      • SCORM & ADDIE Compliant
      • Classroom Computer-Based Development (ISD)
      • Comprehensive Quality Assurance

    Leveraging the Acquisition Lifecycle for reduced risk, lower cost & long term program stability.

    Increasingly stringent oversight makes managing today’s complex trainer and simulator lifecycles more demanding than ever. Multidisciplinary teams must integrate key functional areas sooner. Rigorous affordability targets must be set. Engineering tradeoff analyses must be made. Greater opportunities must be found for technology transfer, interoperability and system reusability.

    And its integrated management framework must be streamlined and made repeatable, enabling the delivery of the trainer and simulator to the warfighter as expeditiously as possible. Challenges for sure. But challenges successfully overcome daily by Nakuuruq Solutions personnel and utilized for process improvement and to achieve superior change management.

    Nakuuruq certifications: ISO 9001:2015; DCA Approved Accounting; DCMA Approved Property Management Systems

    The business of delivering best value

    Nakuuruq prides itself on the close, highly disciplined working relationships it holds with each of its government customers. Our project managers and subject matter experts (SMEs) understand that affordability and system reuse issues begin at pre-acquisition.

    Our engineering teams understand the business value of integrating subsystem models into established architectures for analysis and streamlined technology tradeoffs. We continually co-evaluate with our customers engineering designs, technical and logistical data or impact on training requirements. We work closely with senior customer test managers on metrics analysis and status products at all levels of the Trainer Integrated Product Team. Our manufacturing teams are represented at every critical stage of the trainer and simulator development process. Our project managers are steadfast in their commitment to escalating levels of quality through each concurrency modification to final system retirement.

    With Nakuuruq, the customer retains ownership of all intellectual property.

    Engineering & Configuration Management

    Agile. Proven. Scalable. Secure.

    Driven by proven best practice models and ISO 9001:2008 compliance, Nakuuruq’s management and engineering capabilities include facility management and the comprehensive hardware, software, electrical, systems engineering, project management and production support to take today’s trainers and simulators from system requirement reviews through design and development to final acceptance test, complete concurrency modification and final retirement. We provide all-inclusive change/configuration management and quality control support. We maintain trainer unique stock as well as Government Furnished Property valued at over $10,000,000. We ensure common product baselines across all our customers’ sites for each training device and their associated data and source code libraries. Agile, proven and scalable to any size project, our engineering teams work at any location required by our customers—anywhere in the world. Read more about Centralized Engineering & Configuration Management…

    “Nakuuruq saved the Air Force a minimum $1 million through its C-5 maintenance trainer technical manual rewrite efforts.” – C-5 MATS contract CPARS

    Site Operations Sustainment

    Maintained at 100% trainer availability.

    Nakuuruq provides on-site, on-call CLS support throughout the life of a contract. Our teams perform alignments, isolate faults, and conduct all trainer repairs as part of our routine maintenance responsibilities. Extensive maintenance records are kept, and are periodically evaluated to assess the availability, maintainability and support ability of the training devices. Nakuuruq provides an experienced Site Manager at each training device site. The number of site personnel is always maintained at the level required for 100% system availability, and in compliance with all applicable safety and environmental requirements. Read more about Site Operations Maintenance…


    Nakuuruq understands that today’s simulator systems are being held to the highest security levels ever. Supported by our Best-of-Breed strategic partners, Nakuuruq brings to this environment a complete array of services and solutions, including Information Assurance (IA), Supply Chain Risk Management and Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

    Nakuuruq’s good standing across the Trainers and Simulation market enables us to partner with industry leaders to deliver today’s most innovative and trusted Best-of-Breed solutions.

    The Nakuuruq difference?

    A history of 100% trainer availability. Delivery of concurrency modifications on average 1.6 months ahead of schedule. Saving a customer over $1 million dollars on technical manual updates. A CPARS rating of Exceptional Engineering Support Offices. All of these milestones are achieved by working closely and collaboratively with our customers at every stage of the Acquisition Lifecycle. This is how we derive best value. And it is delivered daily for every Nakuuruq customer.