Prototype and full production fabrication capabilities.

Fabrication Support

If you can think it, we can make it.

Our experienced managers, skilled machinists, CNC programmers, electricians, welders, water jet operators, plastic fabricators, paint shop and on-going maintenance technicians enable us to meet the most stringent Department of Defense manufacturing, quality, safety and budget requirements.

Prototype Fabrication

Customers come to Nakuuruq for solutions, not just technology. That’s because we offer single source, turnkey, first-of kind products from concept through production to inspection. We collaborate closely with our customer’s scientists, engineers and technicians. This enables us to fully understand the requirements of each work order and enhance designs by offering practical suggestions that simplify the fabrication process and reduce costs. Supporting prototype fabrication on any type component and system, our machine and structural shops routinely work with a wide array of materials, including:


Armor plating


Carbon fiber


All plastics



Tool steel








Stainless steel







A vivid example of Nakuuruq’s commitment to providing unmatched prototype and production fabrication excellence is our work on the Naval Surface Warfare Center’s mine roller program. Currently saving U.S. and coalition forces lives in Afghanistan and Iraq, Nakuuruq worked closely with our customer’s science and engineering teams to bring the mine roller’s numerous application prototypes to complete fruition, then fully produced a percentage of the contract’s deliverable units. Ongoing fabrication shop prototyping includes thousands of piece parts and components that are designated to be included in systems mass produced at other DoD authorized operations.

Full Fabrication Production Capabilities

Nakuuruq’s quality driven fabrication operations support our customers with a broad range of high precision production solutions. Routinely adapting to our customer’s rapidly changing requirements, and working to tolerances of one ten thousands of an inch, we provide expeditious turnarounds of low and large custom batch orders, perform first article and final inspection and coordinate complex, special order treatments. Efforts include welding metals and alloys utilizing electric, gas and other processes; fabricating, modifying, repairing and installing metal, alloy and composite material items, parts and assemblies; applying coating materials; dismantling, repairing, relocating, modifying, maintaining, aligning, overhauling and installing fixed and semi-fixed production machinery; and manufacturing parts and items of equipment from castings, forgings and other raw stocks of materials. We’ve been tasked to remanufacture and rework hundreds of parts produced by other subcontractors that did not meet engineering specifications. Call Nakuuruq today and ask about our fabrication capabilities. If you can think it, Nakuuruq Fabrication Solutions can make it.